About Me

My name is Hugo Barreleiro. I was born in the early 90’s and I grew up in an agricultural farm in the suburbs of Lisbon. Raised between the city and the countryside, I developed the thirst for knowing what the daily life of the previous generations was like. A lot of inspiration comes from endless stories told by my grandmother and from the photographs of my parents’ childhood. Those photos look like windows to the past, small rectangles of paper that show in detail the memory that is otherwise distorted or even disappeared.

My motivation is to take photos for later to remember. Photos are spontaneous, natural and pure way to document life. While photographing I feel invisible, I feel privileged to be in the middle of the story with the only function of registering it as it is. Focused on the moments and people who are making history happen, taking pictures full of details.

My goal for each job I do is to save a story. Save it as windows to the past.